Congham Hall is a boutique hotel and spa situated in thirty acres of gardens and parkland within popular North Norfolk. Owners Ruth and Nicholas have worked with regional architects Feilden + Mawson to create a small number of unique cabins located in the old orchards adjacent to the kitchen garden, which itself has become renowned for its importance in the cuisine prepared in the hotel kitchen.

I was asked to create five unique artworks which would complement this exciting new development in the hotel's history.

Rooms feature hand woven carpets themed with features of the Norfolk countryside and are styled with a contemporary theme filled with welcoming textures for an indulgent stay in a secluded location.

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Screenshot 2022-02-01 at 22.28_edited.jpg
Watercolour sketch of the cabins_edited

CONGHAM HALL, NORFOLK My watercolour and ink sketch of the new cabin project located in the orchards of Congham Hall.


Braeburn Heritage Growth Earthy Warm Abundance Acrylic on canvas 30 x 48"

Braeburn cabin

Each cabin is named after an apple variety in keeping with their location. The cabins each feature a handmade rug featuring themed aspects of the Norfolk countryside or coastline.


Cox Wild Texture Freedom Elements Senses Mixed media on nine birch panels 12 x 12"

The Cox cabin

Each panel is unique in its marks and textures but together read as one landscape inspired abstract design.


Evelina Restful Dreamy Romantic Heritage Soporific Acrylic on canvas 36 x 48"

The Evelina cabin

A more pastel palette in the Evelina transports the occupants of this cabin to warm summer days in the lavender fields of Norfolk.


Artwork for the Horsford cabin, shown here in an illustrated location (awaiting final photographs).

The Laxton cabin

Laxton Cool Shady Delicate Calming Memory Acrylic on canvas 48 x 36"

Laxton cabin

Laxton cabin artwork displayed here in a sample location (awaiting final photographs).