And so the project begins

Updated: May 6, 2021

I can't lie..its been difficult to get the combination of motivation, time and inspiration together in order to get things underway for my degree show. I had the best of intentions and formed an idea of where I wanted to head back in December. With lockdown and homeschooling it has been challenging to get work completed and much of my work in the early part of this unit (Dec-Feb) has been research and learning in readiness for its application.

If you have seen some of my previous blogs, or work on Instagram (@jenniferlovattstudio), you will know I have been developing my abstract work and through this and the work I completed on my dissertation, I became more interested in PROCESS, making this a focus for my practice.

Following back to the natural root of this, it seemed a logical step to consider the actual materials I was using, Acrylic has been convenient - quick drying, cheap to purchase, with a wide variety of colours. In January I decided to try oils instead and was surprised to find I really liked the consistency, although the drying time was somewhat frustrating. Perhaps a lesson in slowing down. The solvent however did concern me, particularly working at home with my family in the same environment due to lockdown.

I started to investigate the options. There are low odour solvents but these can be just as toxic to the system, just with the odour hidden. It was then that I came across an interview with Emily Jeffords ( who is an abstract painter who shared the same concerns. Over the course of an hour's interview I became enthralled with the idea of making my own natural pigments and paints, through which I could not only control the content but have a greater engagement with the process. With the general mood of the nation being the need to slow down and re-consider our actions, this seemed the perfect pathway for me. This has been my starting my next blog, I will explain the next step in the journey.

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