Gearing up for year 3

During the COVID-19 pandemic period, I have been fortunate in being able to immerse myself in my art and improving my skills. Part of the joy of being an artist is that you are always learning, developing and growing and the constant problem-solving process of creating a work of art, although sometimes vexing, allows a positive focus for the body and mind.

I have been extremely fortunate in being supported by a fantastic community in Nicholas Wilton's Art2Life "Creative Visionary Programme" which commenced just prior to lockdown and which enabled me to follow a focussed and structured programme of learning which I am now beginning to put into practice in my artwork.

My intention in signing up for this course was to help provide me with a good grounding for the third year of my degree and I could not have anticipated all the joy I would gain from the course, as well as the fantastic community of practising artists I convene with over the internet.

The course is only open once a year so I would highly recommend you signing up for the introductory free course which starts around February, and then see if it is for you!

It is about a month now until the new university year starts and it is still an unknown as to how this will affect our final year of study and creativity on campus but at least I do have the knowledge gained over the summer to assist me on my way...

Art2Life details can be found at:

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