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February 14th saw the launch of Nicholas Wilton's free week-long annual online course. The American artist introduces three key elements needed to improve an artist's practice;, Design, Value and Colour with a number of recorded sessions and live video calls. Unlike other online courses, his focus is not on teaching you how to paint like him, but in providing artists with the techniques and knowledge to strengthen their own work and find their "authentic voice". His belief is that everyone is unique and can develop their work through applying simple principles, being prepared to take risks in developing their practice.

His business, Art2Life was formed out of his own frustrations at 'slogging away on his own' trying to determine why he could paint well one day, and not the next. How one painting worked and another did not.

His delivery is full of passion and enthusiasm. He is generous with his time and knowledge. He has the ability to distil concepts down to the essentials and to explain them using examples leaving you feeling enlightened and enthusiastic to get into the studio.

Anyone who has previously struggled with traditional colour theory teaching and has felt drained by the technicalities of it will find a new and refreshing way of looking at colour which will make you want to paint.

The free course is a taster. He offers a 12 week-long intensive course building on this with detailed demonstration videos, coaching and coursework. His website and Facebook page are full of effusive, enthusiastic testimonials. His alumni often repeat the course, building on the knowledge of their current practice. It has built a community of artists across the world who are mutually supportive but constructively honest.

I signed up for the free course this year (I recommend getting yourself on his mailing list to be ready for 2021) and have applied for scholarship to his 2020 Creative Visionary Programme (CVP) as I believe it is transformational in developing as an artist.

I have yet to find out if I am successful, but in the meantime, I have new techniques and strategies to work with from the free course. Watch this space.

Nicholas Wilton's website can be found at:


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