It's not just about playing with colours...

What is people's perception of being an artist? I am sure many people consider it an easy life, 'playing with colours' locked away in a room making the next great masterpiece. And yes, it is a joy to be able to spend time being able to do what you love in this way but for all the artists I know and have spoken with it seems to be essential to them to be able to express a part of themselves, whether they get to do that as a professional artist or in the precious few hours they may be able to put aside each week.

Being an artist is not only about 'making', although that is what we all love. It is also about your awareness of the universe, be that on a macro scale with what is happening in the world, or down to the micro level in noticing the light shadows on a wall, the patterns of the rain on the ground or the changing colours of the leaves, fruits and seed heads. All artists are different and making friends and learning about what these interests are is an unexpected bonus of joining the artist community. There is a great energy in a room, whether real or virtual, when artists get together and share inspiration, process and even their struggles.

It was not until I heard the podcast 'Art Juice' instigated by UK artists Alice Sheridan and Louise Fletcher that I realised that all artists have their own struggles with things not going right, 'blank canvas' syndrome or dips in confidence or inspiration. It is normal, and part of the process of learning, evolving and constantly challenging yourself to be better, more creative, to do things differently and to try something that may be uncomfortable. And for all these reasons, I can say I am proud to now call myself an artist, not feeling I have to be perfect and know everything but to be grateful to seize the opportunities I now have to grow and become a better me.

If you have ever worried you might not be good enough, or would have like to try making art but someone in your past said you couldn't then have a listen to this podcast and find someone who wants to nurture this part of you...through being your true self and bringing this part of you to the world, you will set off a ripple effect which will touch not only your life but others as well. Go on...and seize the day.

Art Juice podcast is available every Tuesday at:

There are loads of great episodes to go back and listen to...

Alice Sheridan

Louise Fletcher

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