Out in the woods

In between the recent rain showers, I managed to find a couple of hours to pop out into the woods with a large roll of paper and some basic art materials. There is a great freedom in being outdoors, and whilst I am a bit of a fair weather artist, it was still a bracing day, so with flask in-hand I wandered around the wood until I found a charmingly curvy cherry tree.

Working large-scale, which I have never previously done, I laid the paper directly on the ground and using a decorators brush, sponge and tray filled with black ink, set to work capturing the lines, sweeps and curves of the cherry and its accompanying field maple and hazel, challenging myself with different ways of making marks and using ink on the wetted surface.

The scale provides an interesting challenge in covering all areas of the paper as it became necessary to kneel over it, walk around it and certainly not be too concerned about the mud, damp and leaves that made their way in as I created - but the result was pleasing and I felt captured the scene in front of me. It is certainly a process I shall be doing again!

If you have any recommendations for working outside, please let me know.

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