Time for reflection

The first assessment unit for year 2 of my Fine Art Degree has just been completed and there is now time for reflection and planning in preparation for the next unit which will focus on opportunities for collaboration.

On the 14th February, my husband (knowing I love art-related presents) bought me a "Buddhaboard". I came across these when following another artists and added it to an ongoing gift list but had forgotten about it, so was delighted with my surprise.

If you haven't come across them before, they are a (non electronic) tablet which sits above a water tray. A calligraphy-style brush is provided and you simply dip it in water and paint away. The images last for minutes before slowly evaporating.

As well as being a great surface to practice mark-making and brush control, they are beautifully simple in providing a few quiet meditative minutes in a busy day. The joy is also in seeing the images transform before your eyes as they slowly evaporate although they can be photographed or videoed if you wish.

Below is my first attempt, if you wish to see the outcome.

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