We want to be...together

Or more specifically, to collaborate. Moving forward to the next unit of my course, there is an underlying subtext to get us out there...both in exhibiting work, and in developing our artist network. To date, it has all been in the relative safety of the inner sanctum, internal exhibitions and peer group work. Now we are turning our thoughts to the types of art practice we intend for future careers; it's time to think about exposing ourselves and our art to the scrutiny of the outside world.

Fortunately, I have found great support in local business owner, Carl, whose coffee shop 'Café Pure' is set in St George's, close to both Norwich University of the Arts and Norwich Playhouse. The space is ideal for a novice artist with a small collection of work and is frequented by shoppers, students and office workers throughout the day. Carl has suggested a period of up to 3 months for my work to be displayed, to enable people to get used to seeing it; to become part of the environment for casual conversation, friendly meets and laptop catch-ups. It's the second time I have displayed work and each time I am gaining new knowledge on preparation, curation and negotiation. A worthwhile exercise, and of course they are also 'for sale'.

In my next post I will talk more about collaboration, this time with peers in our "Painting and Hybrid" workshops, and what we learnt from the experience.

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