Work from an evolving artist



Painting brings me joy, time for reflection and an opportunity to translate the beautiful and wondrous world we live in to a painted surface. When I paint, I lose track of time and become lost in the exploration of surface, texture, space and colour as I combine it with my feelings of memory, time and location. I hope you find my work engages you in the same way, as a viewer, and ultimately brings you pleasure and wonder too.


My love of abstract painting has developed during the course of a Fine Art degree at Norwich University of the Arts, Norfolk where I discovered the freedom this particular process offered.

This exciting return to my 'first love', that of making art, began in 2017 when I took an art foundation course at City College, Norwich when my son started school. It revived a thirty year longing to be an artist during which time I worked in the insurance and financial service industries, the third sector and became a hard-working entrepreneur with two florist shops.

I now have the opportunity to explore my creativity through an artistic career, principally as a painter. My work currently focuses on intuitive expressive art through abstract painting however my daily inspiration continues to be the forms, rhythms and textures found within the natural world whether these are expressed through drawing, painting or 3D forms.

I am privileged to enjoy a home in a unique and magical woodland nestled within the verdant Norfolk countryside which continually prompts my curiosity. Everyday I am surrounded by nature with the opportunity to observe the changing seasons and its impact on the environment.

My fascination with colour and texture stems from my wonder at the natural world.

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