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Invitation to join the
Norwich 20 Group

At the end of 2021, I was thrilled to be invited to become a licentiate member of the prestigious Norwich 20 Group of artists as a result of my final year NUA 'Fine Art' degree show. This provides me with the opportunity to exhibit and be a part of the group for the next two years, after which I can apply for full membership. 

I was able to submit two paintings to the most recent exhibition, 'Horizon' which was held in the historic surroundings of The Hostry, Norwich Cathedral in Dec 21/Jan 22.

Regular meetings are held to share and discuss work as well as receive talks from other artists providing a platform for discussion and shared creative energy.

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Lonely Arts Club

finding shared energy and ideas

My friend and fellow NUA graduate, Tash Day, has been a member of this group of contemporary artists for a while and suggested that it could be a good partnership in my new venture as a working artist. Having provided examples of my work and my vision, I was delighted to be accepted into the group in August 2021. Despite being unable to participate in the October exhibition, due to previous commission commitments, I was excited to see the members latest work at the very successful exhibition 'In-decision' at The Undercroft, a fabulous underground venue in the heart of Norwich.

Plans are now underway for a very different exhibition in the light and airy 'Shoe Factory', St Mary's Works, St Mary's Plain, Norwich in June. 

And before....

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May 2021

The Syzygy Project is a collaboration between creatives Jillian Ballas, Madi Crafer and Rebecca Creed focussing on the partnership between the arts and sciences in the battle against climate change.
I have recently been collaborating with them to create articles for their website and Instagram account.
If you would like to know more, take a look at www.the


May, 2021

Being a visual artist, it is important for you to be able to see my work and processes, as well as getting to know me.
I hope you enjoy the videos I post on this channel which give you an insight to my ways of working, share valuable information and let you see where new work is heading!